FreeBSD Port: eclipse-3.1_2 (missing library `swt-mozilla-gtk'?)

Eric Eide eeide at
Thu Sep 22 06:55:22 PDT 2005

"Panagiotis" == Panagiotis Astithas <past at> writes:

	Panagiotis> If you define WITHOUT_MOZILLA you get no dependency on
	Panagiotis> mozilla/firefox and you have no internal browser swt
	Panagiotis> widget. If you have firefox installed, you could define
	Panagiotis> WITH_MOZILLA=firefox and build eclipse. This should create
	Panagiotis> the library. The default build
	Panagiotis> expects to find mozilla installed and if not, it installs
	Panagiotis> it for you.

Thanks for the info!  I'll experiment tdoay and let you know how it goes.

	Panagiotis> Another thought came to me though, how do you start
	Panagiotis> eclipse? You are supposed to use /usr/local/bin/eclipse,
	Panagiotis> not /usr/local/eclipse/eclipse.

I'm using the `/usr/local/bin/eclispe' script.


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