FreeBSD Port: eclipse-3.1_2 (missing library `swt-mozilla-gtk'?)

Eric Eide eeide at
Wed Sep 21 14:51:12 PDT 2005

"Panagiotis" == Panagiotis Astithas <past at> writes:

	>> Unhandled event loop exception
	>> Reason:
	>> No more handles (java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: no
	>> swt-mozilla-gtk-3138 in java.library.path)

	Panagiotis> Did you build the port with WITHOUT_MOZILLA defined? That
	Panagiotis> could explain it.

I passed your question along to the person who actually installed the Eclipse
3.1_2 port at my site, and he replied:

	"I didn't enable this specifically, and it isn't in /etc/make.conf, so
	this must not be the issue.  Maybe we NEED to define WITHOUT_MOZILLA


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