fwtk maintainer ?

C. Weber cwf-ml at arcor.de
Wed Sep 21 14:20:39 PDT 2005


is there a maintainer for the fwtk-2.1 port ?

I ran across quite a few problems with its current version,

- that its distinfo files is broken wrt the jumbo patch file (wrong path)
- that it doesn't compile on 5.x at all (needs gcc2.95 because it uses
   varargs.h, which isnt supported on current gccs)
- that it tries and fails to link against libskey which is also
   not there in 5.x (though I'm not sure if that couldn't be
   entirely left out)

There are probably other issues as well. I might have/make patches -
whom should I contact ? I already tried to submit a pr, but apparently
that one went down the bitbucket (I can't find it any more).


Christoph Weber-Fahr

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