Getting assistant to install 4.4BSD-Lite2 software

Chuck Swiger cswiger at
Wed Sep 21 06:30:14 PDT 2005

shafi kamal wrote:
>       Sorry i was forgotten to mention the FreeBSD version. it's v 5.4  .
> Again telling i have installed 4.4FreeBSD v 5.4 . I have collected the 
> 4.4BSD-Lite2.tar.gz , unzip it & found the directories Domestic, Foreign,
> telnet, telnetd & so on. I have somewhat read the Makefiles. Now what
>  the next step would be to complete installation of this software? 

You're confused.  The 4.4BSD-Lite2.tar.gz tarball came out about a decade ago, 
and corresponds to approximately the timeframe of FreeBSD 2.0.

If you want the sources for FreeBSD 5.4, they ought to be under /usr/src.


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