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Clint Olsen píše v út 20. 09. 2005 v 14:05 -0700:

> Thanks for the hint.  However, since this was installed as a 
> prerequisite for the GNOME operating system (via portinstall), are we 
> supposed to examine every dependent package's pkg-message to find out 
> what we missed?
> It would seem like you would want it to install it in one form or 
> another and allow the user to change it if that's not the preferred 
> method.  At least in that case you get a working daemon out of the box. 
>   It seems to jive with spirit of the more automated portinstall method.

When gnome2 port is finished installing, it prints a short message
containing link. If you go there and click
FAQ, one of the entry deals with FAM and points to that pkg-message.

Yes it's a bit cumbersome.

We (FreeBSE GNOME Team) is hoping to move soon to gamin, an alternative
fam implementation, which works out of the box.

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