New ports for zapping

Baptiste Daroussin baptiste.daroussin at
Tue Sep 20 07:22:58 PDT 2005

Hi all,

I'm new to this mailing list.
I've made a new ports for zapping : a
gnome tv viewer program that support bktr(4) it's a good alternative
to fxtv|xawtv.
It seems to work for me (FreeBSD 6.0-Beta4 amd64), but I don't know
how to submit it.
Syntax should be good ( hope so : tested with portlint -A), but there
is at least  one mistake : PORTVERSION currently is 0.9.7cvs3
(portlint says not accepted)  (last realease found on sourceforge) but
I don't know how to name it differently.

the port is attached : zapping.tar.bz2


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