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Mon Sep 19 18:01:37 PDT 2005

On Mon, Sep 19, 2005 at 04:06:00PM -0700, Doug Barton wrote:
Hi Doug,

> First, while I fully appreciate the need to occasionally commit something 
> without first checking with the maintainer of the port, I would appreciate 
> (as has been discussed on this list many times in the past) at least being 
> notified of the need, and ideally pointed to some explanation of it. I 
> _think_ I understand your commit message, but it would be nice if you could 
> provide some more information on this list.
> Also, since my port makes use of the APACHE_PORT variable, and I have 
> noticed some commits go by that reference that in conjunction with what is 
> apparently a new variable called USE_APACHE, I would appreciate it if 
> someone knowledgeable about these topics could describe this new stuff.

The selected patchset for next b.p.m release contains bsd.apache.mk, 
which includes an enhanced USE_APACHE knob based on WANT_APACHE from 
www/apache2/Makefile.modules.3rd. It supports multiple versionning 
(e.g USE_APACHE=1.3+, USE_APACHE=2.0-, etc.), macros for apache 
servers ((WITH|WITHOUT)_${CATEGORY}_MODULES, support for suexec,etc.), 
some "port'n'play" macros to do quickly  modules ports, and also 
version detection based on ${APACHE_PORT}.
See www/apache2* ports and some apache modules for more detail.

It was supposed to be fully backward compatible. Kris reported me that 
INDEX was broken. It was partially due to (ab)use of APACHE_PORT. I 
had 2 solutions:
1. Fix all ports to be compliant with current USE_APACHE and surely 
break maintainers logic
2. Introduce a new single variable, called APACHE_COMPAT, to restore
only APACHE_PORT support.

I enlarged my pointy hats collection with those changes, but I pretty 
sure I made the good decision.

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