How to find package dependencies from the package

Conor McDermottroe lists at
Wed Sep 14 12:59:51 PDT 2005


I have a terrible feeling that this is a very stupid question, but here

How do I programatically find out the list of packages that a given
package depends on?

Given packages found at
and so on, I have done the following:

pkg_info -r $package.tbz

This always claims that the package depends on nothing at all, even when
I'm fairly sure it does. For example for the net/poptop port I get the

20:55 root at platinum [~]# fetch
poptop-1.1.4.b4_3.tbz                         100% of   23 kB   49 kBps
20:55 root at platinum [~]# pkg_info -r poptop-1.1.4.b4_3.tbz
Information for poptop-1.1.4.b4_3.tbz:

Depends on:

20:56 root at platinum [~]#

This happens despite the fact that the entry at says:

        Windows 9x compatible PPTP (VPN) server
        Long description | Package | Sources | Main Web Site
        Maintained by: ports at
        Requires: expat-1.95.8_3, gettext-0.14.5, gmake-3.80_2,
        libgnugetopt-1.2, libiconv-1.9.2_1

This makes no sense to me, but I presume that either something is broken
somewhere or (way more likely) I am broken somewhere. :-)

I would be very grateful if anyone could enlighten me.


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