ltmdm - issues

Carabut Nicolae carabutnicolae at
Wed Sep 14 07:12:49 PDT 2005

Hello, my name is Carabut Nicolae.

I have few issues with the "ltmdm" port.

I have downloaded the sources from:

have read the instructions how to compile and tried to
compile it. And one of the steps are:

"# make -f /usr/src/sys/dev/ltmdm/Makefile depend all

But there is no "Makefile" at that location.

After all these I have downloaded the precompiled
package of 'ltmdm'. Doing the "kldload ltmdm.ko" - the
driver is loaded bu there is no 
      /dev/cual0           callout
      /dev/cuail0          callout, control_init_state
      /dev/cuall0          callout, control_lock_state
      /dev/ttyil0          control_init_state
      /dev/ttyll0          control_lock_state
devices created in the "/dev".

Possible I'm doing something wrong, so I need some

Thank you in advance,

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