FreeBSD Port: up-imapproxy-1.2.3

Abdullah Ibn Hamad Al-Marrie arabian at WeArab.Net
Mon Sep 12 15:03:20 PDT 2005

Hello folks,

ImapProxy 1.2.4 is released.

Could you please update the port?

2005-08-31  Dave McMurtrie  davemcmurtrie at

* Version 1.2.4 released.
2005-07-05  Dave McMurtrie  <davemcmurtrie at>

 * main.c: Add logging of enable_admin_commands config setting.

 * imapproxy.h: Add enable_admin_commands to struct ProxyConfig.

 * config.c: Add enable_admin_commands to ConfigTable.

 * request.c: Added support for enable_admin_commands config option.
2005-06-22  Dave McMurtrie  <davemcmurtrie at>

 * main.c: Made initial imap server connection and DNS lookup
   more robust.
2005-06-14  Dave McMurtrie  <davemcmurtrie at>

 * imapproxy.spec: Patch by William Hooper to remove obsolete Copyright
   tag, add license tag and remove extra source tags.
2005-06-07  Dave McMurtrie  <davemcmurtrie at>

 * icc.c: Conditionally include unistd.h for close prototype.
   Remove a few unused variables.  Include missing config.h 
   include directive.

        * main.c: Added missing include directives to avoid implicit
   declarations.  Assed missing config.h include directive.

 * imapcommon.c: Added missing include directive for openssl/err.h to
   avoid implicit declarations.  Added atoui function.  Added include
   directive for limits.h to accomodate atoui.  Include missing
   config.h directive.

 * request.c: Removed unused variables.  Fixed snprintf argument lists.
   Include missing config.h directive.

 * becomenonroot.c: Conditionally include unistd.h to avoid
   implicit declarations.  Include missing config.h directive.  Patch
   by Jarno Huuskonen to drop any supplemental group memberships.
   Patch by Dave Steinberg (modified by Jarno Huuskonen) to allow

 * logging.c: Include string.h to avoid implicit declarations.

 * select.c: Remove unused variables.

 * pimpstat.c: Patch by Mathew Anderson to add -c flag and behavior.

 * imapproxy.h: Changed all long values to int values.  Changed
   logouttime in IMAPConnectionContext to time_t.  Added atoui
   function prototype.  Patch by Jarno Huuskonen to allow chroot.

 * imapproxy.conf: Added chroot_directory option (Patch by Dave
   Steinberg and Jarno Huuskonen).

 * config.c: Added chroot_directory option (Patch by Dave Steinberg
   and Jarno Huuskonen).

Thank you,

-Abdullah Ibn Hamad Al-Marri
WeArab Network

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