Passing Options to Dependancies During make

Brian Kee brianakee at
Thu Sep 8 20:35:30 PDT 2005

Thank you for the information. I do see how this woudl be problematic. 
 Is there an official FAQ for this list? Where can it be located?

Thank You, 
Brian A. Kee
 On 9/8/05, Kris Kennaway <kris at> wrote: 
> This is a FAQ. The real answer is that even if you could do this, it
> wouldn't work if the user already had PORTB installed, and what you
> should do is make a slave port of PORTB that turns on the option by
> default and CONFLICTS with the main PORTB, so it will at least fail
> gracefully in this case.
> Kris

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