Makefile: Trouble with EXTRA_PATCHES

Brian Kee brianakee at
Thu Sep 8 16:05:10 PDT 2005

Well, I found a fairly simple solution the problem. If I manually modify the 
patch file and add the correct relative path to the file listing in the top 
couple of lines within the patch file. 
 -- filetopatch.c
changed to
-- src/filetopatch.c
 the problem corrects itself. 
 So, I now have two options. 
1. I can contact the maintainer of this patch and have him make these 
2. Somehow figure out how to directly modify this file from within the 
 Any suggestions on how this can be accomplished within the Makefile?
Maybe a post-extract or pre-patch command? I see some referenced command 
within <>, but I do not see them defined 

 On 9/8/05, Brian Kee <brianakee at> wrote: 
> I am trying to modify a Makfile to add a specific patch that is contained 
> within a gzipped tarball. I can get the file downloaded, and unpacked and 
> defined within the Makefile. What I cannot do is get the patch to apply. The 
> make procedure keeps asking me what file to patch: 
>  ===> Patching for <package>
> ===> Applying extra patch 
> /usr/ports/catagory/package/work/path/to/patch/file.patch 
> File to patch: 
>  I know the full path to the file that needs to be patched, but how can I 
> tell make how to do this automatically. 
>  Thank You,
> Brian A. Kee

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