ltmdm winmodem driver port

Vladimir Zidar mr_w at
Mon Sep 5 12:07:00 PDT 2005


 I'm new to fbsd, and just installed it last night on old compaq laptop.
I'm having issue with pcmcia winmodem, that worked okay under Linux, but
doesn't (yet) under fbsd. I tried with ltmdm port, but to no avail, as
this card is pcmcia and not pci.

 After looking at driver source, I can see only one place that mention
'cardbus' .. and it is at the end:

DRIVER_MODULE(ltmdm, pci, ltmdm_pci_driver, ltmdm_devclass, ltmdm_event,
#if 0
#if __FreeBSD_version >= 500000
DRIVER_MODULE(ltmdm, cardbus, ltmdm_pci_driver, ltmdm_devclass,
ltmdm_event, 0);

 Do I have to remove #if 0 (or change to #if 1) that last part to enable
cardbus support for this driver, or there are more things to do ?


 PS, I am experienced C/C++ programmer, that lives in Linux world.. This
is my first FreeBSD tryout..


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