FreeBSD Port: editors/scite and x11-toolkits/scintilla

Pete pete at
Thu Sep 1 11:11:58 PDT 2005

Hi, I hope this is the right place for this and it hasn't been brought 
up already. Couldn't find anything on the ports section of the website.

I just wanted to let the maintainer know that editors/scite and 
x11-toolkits/scintilla both seem to out of date by several versions 
(1.66 vs 1.62). They appear to be to be broken with runtime troubles 
with rendering antialiased text (looks like it's caused by Pango 1.8 as 
noted on the fix list for 1.66), as well as missing a few features.

I was able to edit the ports Makefile and distinfo file to update, but 
it would be useful to have the official tree updated.

Thanks for your time and the great system.

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