Problem with firefox update to 1.5

Thierry Thomas thierry at
Wed Nov 30 20:31:58 GMT 2005

Le Mer 30 nov 05 à 10:05:15 +0100, Michael Johnson <ahze at>
 écrivait :
> >While I'm glad to see that firefox 1.5 has been speedily adopted,  
> >it has
> >created two problems for me. First, the adblock port has not yet been
> >updated to the new version (not unexpected) which works with 1.5. I  
> >was
> >willing to take a look at fixing this, but it seems that the .xpi
> >installation infrastructure has been broken by the update.  
> >Specifically,
> >ports/www/mozex/Makefile.xpi has:
> >
> thanks for pointing that out. I tried to test everything that had  
> firefox dependency,
> We must've overlooked this. I'm going to mark this broken for now.
> As for regchrome, it's not included now because it's no longer needed to
> register chrome.


I have not yet built the new Firefox; do you know how .xpi extensions are
recognised without regchrome and how they must be registered (if they
have to)?

Th. Thomas.
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