Subversion 1.3.0-rc2

Mischa Peters mischa2023 at
Tue Nov 29 13:46:31 GMT 2005

Hi Vivek,

> Hmmm... this leads me to then question whether Mischa is using BDB
> backend of FSFS backend?  Perhaps it is related to only one of them.
> I know that once I upgraded subversion and the BDB version default
> changed which caused my repos to be unusable until I did the BDB
> upgrade procedure.

I am not using FSFS.
What is the BDB upgrade procedure?

But I feel that someone made a real error in judgement on this,
1.3.0-rc2 should have never be allowed to replace the stable port of
And it would make sense to revert back to 1.2.3.


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