how to get the list of files installed by port, without installing it

Vasil Dimov vd at
Sun Nov 27 11:05:43 GMT 2005

Hi, all

How to get the list of files installed by port, without installing it?

This question my seem easy to answer, but actually is not.

Firstly let me give some details on my problem - I am working on a tool
that will allow searching for ports that install given file, therefore
I am searching for a way to extract files/dirs, that would be installed
by a port, without actually having the distfile. The solution must be
appliable to every port and needs to be fast (it will be applied to all
ports in one run).

pkg-plist gives some approach, but there are a lot of %%VARIABLES%% I
want to get substituted in it, also some ports do not have pkg-plist and
define PLIST_FILES and PLIST_DIRS. After some digging I discovered the
generate-plist target. ``make generate-plist'' is really elegant
one-line solution, but using it to solve my problem has a few flaws:
1. some ports (say benchmarks/lmbench) expect the archive to be unpacked
2. some ports generate dynamic lists like after installing doing
   something like find /specific/dir >> plist. This is really
   unresolvable without having the distfile(s)
3. it is somehow slow, doing it for all the ports takes 2-3 times more
   than ``make index''

If I do not find something better I will use generate-plist and
ignore/workaround the above flaws.

Any suggestions?

Vasil Dimov
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