Upgrade GnuCASH to Gnome2?

Adam Weinberger adamw at FreeBSD.org
Sun Nov 27 03:42:31 GMT 2005

(Removing the obrien Cc:)

supraexpress at globaleyes.net wrote:
> Is there any plan to upgrade the FreeBSD GNUCASH port from old Gnome1
> libraries to Gnome2 (only) libraries? I really don't like installing a lot of
> Gnome1 along with the extensive Gnome2 that I already have.

We didn't just arbitrarily choose to use Gtk-1.2 for GNUCash. The 
developers of GNUCash have not released a Gtk-2.0-compatible release. 
They plan a pre-release of a gtk2 version of GNUCash for December, but 
we probably won't have a gtk2 version in the ports tree until a stable 
release (i.e. not pre-release) is issued.

A 5-second look at http://www.gnucash.org would tell you almost 
everything above, plus more.

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