gnucash/aqbanking updating woes

Boris Samorodov bsam at
Sat Nov 26 20:06:55 GMT 2005

CC to pav@ as the most resent comitter.

On Sat, 26 Nov 2005 14:21:37 -0500 Anthony M. Agelastos wrote:

> ===>  Registering installation for aqbanking-1.0.11
> ===>  Returning to build of gnucash-1.8.12
> Error: shared library "aqbanking.8" does not exist
> *** Error code 1

The last commit to Makefile changed the library version of dependency
from [1]:
LIB_DEPENDS+=   aqbanking.5:${PORTSDIR}/finance/aqbanking \


LIBDEPENDS+=   aqbanking.8:${PORTSDIR}/finance/aqbanking \

Didn't see any PR about aqbakning update. Is it coming?

To iqgrande@: you may edit Makefile at gnucash/aqbanking to use old
version (see [1]).

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