gnucash problems with aqbanking dependency

Joshua Tinnin krinklyfig at
Sat Nov 26 19:31:34 GMT 2005

Tried to upgrade gnucash and ran into this problem, so I uninstalled 
aqbanking and gnucash and started over, but it's still an issue:

===>   Registering installation for aqbanking-1.0.11
===>   Returning to build of gnucash-1.8.12
Error: shared library "aqbanking.8" does not exist

AFAICT, "aqbanking.8" does not exist, but gnucash wants it. These are 
the only libraries associated with it on my machine:


So, would it work to map aqbanking.8 to 
in /etc/libmap.conf?

- jt

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