octave was broken... still nonfunctional?

Ranko Sredojevic surija at gmail.com
Fri Nov 25 17:01:18 GMT 2005

Out of curiosity:

How long does it take to build Octave?

I cvsup-ed last night (*default tag=RELENG_6_0)

entered octave port directory and did

make install clean (I'm explaining this since I'm pretty new to freebsd so I
might have done something wrong... and might get some advice... but this
seems fine according
to manual).

It has been running since 2am last night, and now it is 11:30am...

Build is not finished yet. I expected amd64 Athlon 3200+ with sata HD and
1GB of memory to perform a little better... (or I didn't expect this kind of
software to be that big, I can't make up my mind...).

System is resopnsive and I can work, but I'd like to know when should it
should (have) be(en?) finished.

Most of time, this build spends measuring some kind of time, after compiling
dmm.c and making time.o, giving output:

dNB=56, ld=56,56,56, mu=2, nu=4, ku=56, lat=6: time=2.xxx, mflop=1xxx.xx

actually it alternates ku=56 and ku=1.

It seems like it is in some kind of infinite loop (long enough loop) but
when was about to interrupt the build and uninstall, it happend to xdfc
something (whatever xdfc might be - I have no idea - newbee :) ) instead of
just xdfc and measure time (some kind of modules), but now it is back to the
just plane xdfc (nothing following) and measuring time...

Should I discontinue this?


P.S. Sorry for the long post, but I tried to explain as much as I could.

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