FreeBSD ccache port is wonderfiul!

Alexander Leidinger Alexander at
Fri Nov 25 15:30:58 GMT 2005

tridge at wrote:

> Of course, hashing the compiler binary isn't a perfect way of
> detecting that a compiler hasn't changed, as compilers often use
> multiple stages with separate binaries and the 2nd stage might have
> changed with no change in the main cc binary. That's why ccache
> normally uses the size/mtime, as that tends to change when a new
> compiler is installed, so its more conservative than hashing the
> binary. Ideally ccache would have some way of asking the compiler for
> some sort if ID that guarantees its the same, but that would be pretty
> tricky to add to compilers I think.

You mean something like the compiler version? ;-)

Ok, not every compiler has the same switches, so it's not easy to do it
automatically, but what about activating this "detect change by ID"-feature
only if the user tells ccache how to get the ID (e.g. --ask-for-id-with=-v


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