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Hi all,

... And it doesn't seem Vmware for FreeBSD is going to be be released soon !
Here is an answer from the technical support :

>Do you intend to release a FreeBSD version of VMware ?
>Thank you,


At this point there is no plan to release a FreeBSD version of Workstation. This
is in part due to Freebsd's quick changes from Release and Stable

Thank you,
Technical Support Specialist
VMware, Inc.


Too bad :(

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> On 11/21/05, Annelise Anderson <andrsn at andrsn.stanford.edu> wrote:
> >
> >        Vmware 3.3 is in ports, but vmware has advanced to 4.5, 5.0, and
> > now 5.5 is in beta testing.  All of these run FreeBSD as a guest (I'm
> > running 6.0 as a guest on Windows XP).
> >
> >        But VMware 4.5, 5.0, and 5.5 don't run on FreeBSD, which I think
> > is unfortunate as it prevents FreeBSD from being used as a test platform
> > for other operating systems.  While native FreeBSD support would be nice,
> > running with linux emulation would be okay, but not even this works.
> >
> >        Wouldn't this be an important priority for making FreeBSD a more
> > widely used test platform?
> >
> >        Thanks you for your consideration.
> >
> Orlando Bassotto made VMware 4.5.x run on FreeBSD 5.x.  But it
> required a patch to the FreeBSD kernel to support gettid syscall in
> the linux emulator.  This syscall is now in FreeBSD 6.x and -CURRENT. 
> But still requires patching of the FreeBSD 5.x kernel.
> While he does supply a patch for vmmon.  He doesn't have a patch
> available for vmnet.  And the patch for vmnet from the vmware3 port
> will not apply to the vmware4+ sources of vmnet.  If someone can
> create the missing patch, and then create the vmware4 port (restricted
> to FreeBSD 6+, and/or FreeBSD 5.x with patch).  After this is done
> someone will have to port the vmnet and vmmon patches to vmware5 and
> 5.5.
> http://www.break.net/orlando/freebsd.html
> Scot
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