ruby-shout 2.1 released

jared jennings jjenning at
Tue Nov 22 02:30:39 GMT 2005

I've released a new version of ruby-shout into the wild. It's hosted on
RubyForge now, . Thanks
for porting my software!

 - Something porters might want to know is that I've gemified
 ruby-shout, so the extconf.rb and the .c file are now in an ext/
 directory in the .tar.gz if you want to build it as normal; otherwise
 you can gem build ruby-shout-2.1.gem in the top of the source, or rake
 pkg/ruby-shout-2.1.gem if you have rake. Let me know if you have any
 problems or make any patches - I'd love to bring all that upstream if
  jared jennings -- jjenning at it rocks!

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