kioexec core dump

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Tue Nov 22 00:17:15 GMT 2005

On Monday 21 November 2005 16:06,  the author Chuck Swiger contributed to the 
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 Re: kioexec core dump: 

>Vizion wrote:
>> I have the following, and a number of similar entries, in my syslog:
>> Nov 20 09:04:20 dns1 kernel: pid 2285 (kioexec), uid 10: exited on signal
>> 4 (core dumped)
>> does anyone know where I should be looking to track this down? I tried a
>> search for kioexec on docs without finding anything
>signal 4 is SIGILL, an illegal instruction, which could be because the
> software was compiled for the wrong CPU architecture, or it could indicate
> a hardware problem with your RAM or CPU.  Check cooling.
I think it has to be something else.. this is the only core dump in the syslog  
and the server is temperature monitored. temperatures were all fine. I think 
if there were temperature problems the monitor would have logged it and there 
would be other symptoms.

I am doing a portupgrade right now in advance of upgrading from Freebsd 5.3 to 
5.4 . The upgrade will include kdelibs and wondering if the new version will 
fix it. 
Any more ideas?


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