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Mayo Jordanov mayo at
Mon Nov 21 19:39:17 GMT 2005


Would it be possible to bring back or create a alternate subversion  
port with subversion version 1.2.3_3? The current version in ports  
tree is 1.3.0-r2 (beta rc, not release rc), which is beta at very  
early stage and currently has problems reading repositories from  
version 1.2.3 - there is no public beta of 1.3 released yet. When I  
mentioned that 1.3 is in ports already, the subversion developers  
were quite surprised.

I happened to run portupgrade and of course it upgraded subversion to  
1.3.0-r2, breaking all of our repositories. There is of course no way  
to back out, as this is the only subversion port. Perhaps you could  
consider creating subversion-devel port for the betas, and subversion  
(or subversion-release) to keep the official subversion port around,  
just like many other ports do? It would certainly make lives of  
admins easier on production machines.

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