FreeBSD ccache port is wonderfiul!

Andrew P. infofarmer at
Mon Nov 21 16:25:23 GMT 2005

On 11/21/05, Michael C. Shultz <ringworm01 at> wrote:
> To: Andrew Gordon
> I am the aurthor of sysutils/portmanager, a FreeBSD program.  Testing
> involves downgrading to a few months ago then upgrading that colletion of
> about 450 ports to current status.  This cycle used to take 4 to 5 days on an
> AMD +2000 system then someone told me about ccache, now I can do it in less
> than 24 hours!  Wonderful program, thanks much for a job well done!
> -Mike
> ps: I cc'ed freebsd-ports at in case others like myself haven't heard
> of this program yet, it may be found in /usr/ports/devel/ccache.
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Beware, ccache brings bad luck in quite a few cases.
Start using it for /usr/src and first effects will be visible
in a few weeks. IMHO, ccache has still some way to
go in order into production. Stability is perfect, but
we need some features to prevent unexpected results.

All in all, it sure is a great tool. At some point in time
make failed to implement this functionality (or we
failed to use it in a proper way). Ccache is just a work-
around, but a very nice one.

Distcc also deserves some kind words.

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