Help needed for downloading Expect package

Jagan S. jagans at
Fri Nov 18 02:20:43 PST 2005

     I have Freebsd 5.4 version.I like to work with Tcl/Tk Expect
package.In site I found expect5.43.tbz package only which requires many
dependencies like 
<> ,
<> ,
<,1> ,
<> ,
pkgconfig-0.20 <>
, tcl-8.4.11,1 <,1> ,
tk-8.4.11,2 <,2>
    FreeBSD 5.4 version has - tcl-
<,1> , tk-8.4.7
<,2> ,2,etc -
lower versions of expect package actually requires.
    First I tried to install Expect 5.43.tbz directly in Freebsd 5.4
version but the dependency files versions seems to be higher than the
package versions available in the Freebsd 5.4 version.
     It seems if I want to install expect 5.43 package,I need to
download and in stall all of the dependency packages too which will be
cumbersome process.
     So I like to get site address or package download link of the
Expect package version  which can be installed as such in FreeBSD 5.4
version.Basically I need earlier versions downloadable link of Expect
package for FreeBSD 5.4.

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