port-tags repository access & call for hacking

Marwan Burelle burelle at lri.fr
Thu Nov 17 15:00:53 PST 2005

On Thu, Nov 17, 2005 at 07:24:06PM +0100, Anton Berezin wrote:
> Everybody is welcome to tinker with the code, come up with suggestions
> and [preferably] patches.  I intend to maintain a very liberal policy
> with regard to handing out commit bits to port-tags repository, so
> here's your chance.  :-)

First, thanks for your work.

Second, remarks :

1) Not important, but when I first open the main page, most of tag are
   very small (on my 1600x1200 display), I found the idea quite of
   changing the font size for some tag quite interesting, but the
   smallest size seems a little bit too small. That's not very
   important, I can increase the font size, but as often the first
   look is important ...

2) Could it be possible to have a form field to enter tags, I think,
   as a first step a user may have a precise idea in mind, and digging
   into the huge list of tags (especialy if they are small ... ;) is
   not the fastest way to begin search. Of course, after 2 or more
   interations, using this interface with the related tag view is far
   more interessant.

3) I think this one is related to the community defined tags : I just
   try to find some ports I know as test, namely OCaml and CDuce,
   this are 2 functionnal languages (I'm aware of that is not apparent
   in the OCaml's port's comment) are related since the later depends
   on the former. I was thinking that the 2 may out with at least some
   common tags a little bit more specific than 'lang' and 'program'.

I found the idea great, but since COMMENT wasn't totaly think for
that, good keywords may escape your algorithmic search.

Oh, another idea related to 2), would be an approximative or
"ontology" based search for tag (you enter some keywords, and the
magic algo behind find the most appropriate existing tag ;) Just befor
someone says I can code it my self : I don't have the time, nor I
think the skills to do that correctly, but I think algo and piece code
for that already exist.

This was my 2 cents.

Marwan Burelle,
( burelle at lri.fr | Marwan.Burelle at ens.fr )
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