port-tags repository access & call for hacking

Anton Berezin tobez at freebsd.org
Thu Nov 17 10:24:09 PST 2005

Hi folks,

Thanks to erwin, we now have a publically accessible repository of the
code behind port-tags.

Just point your svn or svk to


to get the most recent version.

Everybody is welcome to tinker with the code, come up with suggestions
and [preferably] patches.  I intend to maintain a very liberal policy
with regard to handing out commit bits to port-tags repository, so
here's your chance.  :-)


P.S. In case you missed previous mails, port-tags is an effort to
provide an alternative to categories, multi-dimensional way to browse
the ports collection.  The relevant URLs are

An undefined problem has an infinite number of solutions.
-- Robert A. Humphrey

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