triggering maintainer timeout

Frank Ruell stoerte at
Wed Nov 16 05:54:23 PST 2005


somewhere I've read about maintainer timeout, but how can I trigger it?

I updated the two years old port of OpenBSD's mg, the maintainer didn't
respond at all, after a month I send a follow up - which got ignored,
too.  Now three month are gone, my patch proved to be usable since then,
but nobody uses it, because it's assigned to the pretended maintainer.
How do I get maintainership changed to me?

pr in question:

Die wohlfeilste Art des Stolzes hingegen ist der Nationalstolz. Denn
er verrät in dem damit Behafteten den Mangel an /individuellen/ Ei-
genschaften, auf die er stolz sein könnte. (Schopenhauer, Aphorismen
zur Lebensweisheit, Kap. 4)

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