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Simon Barner barner at
Wed Nov 16 02:48:57 PST 2005

Mikhail Teterin wrote:
> =Is there an utility to watch files changes and make some defined 
> =actions. Actions defined in a configuration file.
> On the low level BSDs have kqueue. On the higher level there is the devel/fam 
> port, which uses smart mechanisms on Linux and Irix, but resorts to 
> inefficient polling everywhere else, including BSD.
> An attempt to teach fam the benefits of kqueue exists at:
> but appears to have stalled. If you have "milk and time", you best improve the 
> devel/fam. If not, you can just the existing fam API and wait for someone 
> else to make it BSD-aware and efficient.

devel/gamin is a (well, partial) drop-in replacement for fam that makes use
of kqueue(2). From my experience, it works nicely with GNOME and KDE.

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