FreeBSD Port: arm-elf-gcc-2.95.3

James E. Flemer jflemer at
Tue Nov 15 22:09:24 PST 2005

Ari Suutari wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm starting development on an embedded arm board and would
> like to use FreeBSD as development platform. I found out that you
> are maintainer of arm-elf-gcc295 port.
> As winarm seems to be gcc 4.0.x, do you have any plans to upgrade
> this port to newer gcc versions ? That would make it easier to use
> same arm makefiles from winarm & linux folks (as there seem to
> be differences in compiler options with older/newer gcc versions)
> Regards,
>    Ari S.

I do not currently have any plan to upgrade this port to a newer 
version.  I think that if a gcc-3.x or gcc-4.x cross compiler is needed 
it should be added as a separate port due to the significant difference 
from 2.95.  I, for example, want to use 2.95 to produce binaries 
compatible with a certain embedded system that I do not have source for. 
  Perhaps I am unique in this need for an older version.  I did attempt 
to make a port for arm-elf-gcc-3.4.4 but didn't really get too far.

Perhaps I could help if you (or someone else) decides to make an updated 


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