Updating ports and send-pr(1)

Dryice Liu dryice at hotpop.com
Mon Nov 14 09:51:56 PST 2005

Dave Symonds <dsymonds at gmail.com> wrote:
> On 14/11/05, Dave Symonds <dsymonds at gmail.com> wrote:
>> On 14/11/05, Dryice Liu <dryice at hotpop.com> wrote:
>> > Boris Samorodov <bsam at ipt.ru> wrote:
>> > > Send-pr is OK, but FreeBSD.org mail servers are using some anti-spam
>> > > teckniques. If you don't receive an announcement about openning a PR
>> > > you should check if those servers are receiving email from you.
>> > > Special maillist for the purpose is freebsd-testing at FreeBSD.org. Check
>> > > your mail server logs.
>> >
>> > The FreeBSD.org mail server requires the machine where you do send-pr
>> > have an RDNS record. If your machine does not, you can use
>> > /usr/ports/mail/ssmtp to setup a gateway.
> So unless it takes more than 15 minutes for the mail to get through,
> it seems the freebsd.org mail server is not accepting mail from my
> ISP. Where would I go to start tracking this down? My own personal
> machine (from which I use send-pr) certainly does not have an revDNS
> record, so I need to shuttle the email off to somewhere.

[CCing ports at freebsd.org]

First of all you need to make sure this is the problem. If the
FreeBSD.org mail server rejects your mail, you should get a notice
sometime later with reasons.

If that's the problem, you'll need to find some mail server with RDNS
and setup your ssmtp to use it instead of your ISP. Personally I use
hotpop.com, which is free. You can check if an SMTP server has a RDNS
record at
and use which ever fast for you.

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