FreeBSD Port: citrix_ica-9.00_2.

Julien Gabel jpeg at
Mon Nov 14 02:20:53 PST 2005

>> wfcmgr are hanging/craching my FreeBSD 6.0 systems!!!
>> I'm don't know how to give you more feedback...
>> wfica is working!

> Just to say that i encounter the _very_ same behaviour using FreeBSD
> 6.0-STABLE (Mon Nov  7 07:28:36 CET 2005) with the latest port version,
> rebuild with `portupgrade -rRf'.  Don't know how to track this problem
> since this is a *hard* hang (and a power-off is needed to recover the
> situation).

Just to point out that the problem seems resolved on recent changes made
to RELENG_6.  See the corresponding thread[1] on stable at .

[1] "Consistent 6.0-STABLE Hang":

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