Can't build postfix(-current)

Stefan 'Steve' Tell steve.tell at
Sun Nov 13 08:09:48 PST 2005

* "Michael C. Shultz" <ringworm01 at> wrote:

> Go through your /etc/make.conf and unset all port related variables, then
> build portmanager last so it can pick up the correct paths.  If your ports 
> tree is healthy, postfix should be able to pull in SASL2 on its own, try
> running make all-depends-list in the postfix ports directory and see where it 
> thinks everything is located.

Erm ... great job. :) While looking through /etc/make.conf I found an
entry POSTFIX_OPTIONS. I today have read about 50 times that this is not
supported any longer and each time I looked into make.conf I was
searching only for ports tree related entries. 

It works now again .. thanks for talking about and your patience.

        Steve           /\

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