portupgrade apache2 forgets modules, trashes other modules (svn)

Chris Shenton chris at shenton.org
Fri Nov 11 06:54:41 PST 2005

I've built Apache2 from ports with PROXY and SSL modules, which are not
in the default set.  When I do a portupgrade to apache2, it only
builds the default set so I lose my PROXY and SSL capabilities.

I've had to rebuild the port from the port directly, and specify the
non-default modules.  Shouldn't the port remember which modules I've
asked for and build those when I do a portupgrade?  If so, how do I do this?

My "manual" build of ports/web/apache2 went OK and I did a "deinstall"
and "reinstall" to replace the old port.  But this removed some
critical modules like Subversion's DAV support!  How do I prevent this
in the future?  I didn't expect the port to remove software installed
by other ports.


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