Request for comments: port-tags

Dan Langille dan at
Thu Nov 10 13:20:15 PST 2005

On 9 Nov 2005 at 16:53, Haroon Khalid wrote:

> If you have any comments and suggestions with regard to port-tags, I
> would like to hear about it. Is it useful? How can we make it more
> useful? What are the shortcomings? Any show-stoppers which prevent you
> from using it? 

Anton and I have discussed this off line and he's added some examples 
on how to use port tags.

In short, as I understand them, the feature is an iterative key word 

You start with a list of ports and all the keywords (tags) for those 
ports. You pick a keyword, and the list of ports reduces to ports 
with just that keyword.  Then you repeat the process with an ever-
decreasing number of ports and keywords, until you have a list of 
ports that is reasonble to read through.

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