SHA256 checksums

Simon Barner barner at
Thu Nov 10 10:08:50 PST 2005

Vasil Dimov wrote:


> My thought is that this (or similar) script be run on a machine where
> all the distfiles are available, mine is about 5% of all :)
> Anyway if it does not happen in a week or so I will send-pr it.

Maybe directly on ftp-master in order to save bandwidth. Would that be

Three comments on the script:

- Will the backticks work on a fully ports tree, or will it run into
  memory problems? Perhaps xargs is a better alternative, but I am not a
  shell guru...

- The SHA256 should be added if and only if the file's MD5 sum matches
  the one recorded in the ports tree (otherwise, the copy there is
  stale, and the port's name should be recorded for later manual

- There are ports that set the MD5_FILE variable, e.g. astro/setatihome,
  so we cannot asume it's always ${PORTSDIR}/category/port/distinfo, but
  ${PORTSDIR}/category/port/distinfo* might be a good approximation.
  After all, it does not harm if we miss some ports.

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