Portmanager exit with signal 11 and create a core dump.

Rainer Alves freebsd at powered.net
Thu Nov 10 05:46:36 PST 2005

Ricardo A. Reis wrote:

> #0  0x28089b64 in rrFindDepends (property=0xbfbfe870, 
> availablePortDir=0x8090000 "/net/gaim", availablePortName=0x80a0000 
> "", counterPtr=0xbfbfe57c)
>    at MGPMrCreateAllUpdateStatusDb.c:162
> 162                     if( strncmp( MGdbGet( 
> property->availablePortsDb, availablePortsDbIDX, 
> property->fieldAvailablePortsDbFlag ), "0", 1 ) == 0 )

That's probably the line which should be blamed... gaim recently changed 
its category, it is now in "net-im" instead of "net". Make sure you 
cvsup your tree in order to reflect this change, fix all gaim-related 
dependencies with pkgdb -F and see if portmanager works again.

Rainer Alves

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