shared library pain with 6.0-RELEASE : .so.600 ??

Alexander Nedotsukov bland at
Wed Nov 9 22:10:18 PST 2005

Joe Rhett wrote:
>> But on the good note I'd happy to tell that those frequent shared 
>> library bumps was due bug in GNU autohell tools used by GNOME/GTK 
>> software authors. This problem addressed in GNOME 2.12 FreeBSD port 
>> which just hit the repository. So this is a last time you required to 
>> step through massive rebuild w/o a good reason for that.
> So clarify for me -- if I do the upgrade to 2.12, this
> will recompile every package that needs these libraries?  Or give me more
> new library changes that will need yet more symbolic links?
It will rebuild every package that needs these libraries. When next 
GNOME upgrade hit FreeBSD repo you will not be required to do it again.

All the best,

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