libpkg initial release

Andrew Turner andrew at
Tue Nov 8 21:17:20 PST 2005

Announcing the first release of libpkg

I have been working on a library to work with packages. It uses
libarchive to extract the package directly to the correct location.

* It appears to be faster than using pkg_add because it extracts the
files directly to the correct location rather than to a temporary
location then copy to the correct location.

* It can only install packages not uninstall or create them.
* Can't get a list of installed packages.
* There is no dependency handling.
* Doesn't always follow style(9).
* Not all possible lines in +CONTENTS are handled.
* @exec lines in +CONTENTS are not executed.
* A failed install will leave files with no package.

There is a demo in the demo sub directory that will install one or more
given packages to "./fakeroot".

libpkg contains a 3 main concepts:
* Package Repository - A collection of installable packages.
* Package Database - A collection of installed packages.
* Package - A single package.

To install a package you retrieve it from the pkg_repo then send it to
the pkg_db. The pkg_db will install the package and register it.

libpkg is available from

MD5 (libpkg-0.1.20051109.tar.bz2) = bc4e8fb5bddc7b4baa25572197e4038c
MD5 (libpkg-0.1.20051109.tar.gz) = 94999c21160abd9368ad951d63950b4a
SHA256 (libpkg-0.1.20051109.tar.bz2) =
SHA256 (libpkg-0.1.20051109.tar.gz) =

There is anonymous subversions avaliable by using either of:
svn checkout svn://
svn checkout

I would like to thank Tim Kientzle for sending me the his origional
libpkg which parts of this are based on.

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