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Tue Nov 8 13:00:09 PST 2005


As some of you may have noticed, was finally committed, 
and USE_APACHE knob have be reworked.
It's backward compatible but USE_APACHE=yes is now deprecated.

What's new in
USE_APACHE can be used for ports of modules but also with apache 
server ports.

  - if set to 1.3/13/2.0/20/2.1/1.3+/2.0+/2.1+
  Installed version is automatically detected, avoiding 
  many build failure if a non-compatible version of 
  apache is installed.
  ${APACHE_PORT} is also USE_APACHE compliant. e.g if you defined 
  APACHE_PORT=www/apache13-modssl, apache version (1.3) is detected and 
  dependencies are still consistant.
  for apache > 2.0, APACHE_MPM is set to current MPM, if apache is 
  AP_GENPLIST and such knobs are still present.
  - if set to common13/common2/common21, we consider current port as 
  an apache server port.
  It offers the same flexibility apache2 has for any version of 
  apache. Please refer to www/apache2/Makefile.modules to know how 
  use those facilities in your apache port.

I'll try update to apache@ ports this week-end, if you want to 
contribute, patches are welcome.

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