shared library pain with 6.0-RELEASE : .so.600 ??

Joe Rhett jrhett at
Mon Nov 7 16:36:47 PST 2005

Out of curiosity, why does 6.0-RELEASE ship with packages that install
shared libraries with .so.600 version numbers?

It appears that installing nearly any port requires that all these
libraries get rebuild and reinstalled, followed by manually creating
symlinks to the .so.600 versions that everything is linked against.

1. Shouldn't library ports allow multiple versions to be installed, rather
than forcing a deinstall?  libIDL is the most common dependancy culprit,
and with 5.x we ended up with 3 different symbolic links to make everything
happy. (unmaintainable, manually hacked into place symbolic links which
work around problems in the packages database)

2. Why did 6.0-RELEASE (and I think other releases in the past too?) name
the shared libraries with a release-tag version?  Is there some logic to
this that escapes me?  It only strikes me as painful for all the obvious

Joe Rhett
senior geek
SVcolo : Silicon Valley Colocation

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