FreeBSD Port: plone-2.0.5

Kinoshita Makoto kino at
Mon Nov 7 10:10:40 PST 2005

I am a user of plone-2.0.5 ports.
I also installed PostgreSQL 8.0.4 from ports.
Now, I need to access PostgreSQL from python scripts on plone site,
I try to install psycopg from ports.

It seem that py24-psycopg-1.1.18 ports need python2.4.
But plone ports depend on python2.3, zope-2.7.8.

Are there any methods to install psycopg work with python2.3, zope-2.7.8 ?
How to install psycopg?

Thank you for your reading this mail.

Kinoshita Makoto <kino at>

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