FreeBSD ports: 1 unfetchable distfile: comms/gnokii

Guido Falsi mad at
Mon Nov 7 04:27:09 PST 2005

On Mon, Nov 07, 2005 at 10:01:08AM +0000, Bill "distfiles" Fenner wrote:
> Dear mad at,
> 	You are listed as the FreeBSD port maintainer for 1 port
> whose distfiles are not fetchable from their MASTER_SITES.  Could
> you please visit
> and correct the problems listed there?  The individual port with
> a problem is comms/gnokii.

I know what's causing the problem. I'll fix it this evening after work(I
plan start work on the problem at 6PM GMT) so, could you please hold
back any other fixes up to tomorrow?(always referred to GMT time).

Sorry, for the delay in upgrading the port. my new daytimne job is
taking most of my time.

Thanks for the advice!

Guido Falsi <mad at>

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