Excessive dependancies for OpenOffice 2.0 port

NAKATA Maho chat95 at mac.com
Sun Nov 6 16:15:12 PST 2005

In Message-ID: <200511051218.09945 at Misha> 
"Mikhail T." <mi at aldan.algebra.com> wrote:

> I'm surprised, you are not objecting to the port's building of its OWN
> C and C++ compiler, as well as a bunch of "small" things like STLport,
> db4, expat (yes, it depends on it, but builds its own too!), sablotron,
> xmlsec, etc. etc.

People from Debian and others work VERY VERY hard to maintain
--system-python and other --sytem-something flags; they are what you want,
use system installed stuffs. OOo is huge monster, and maintaining source
is extremly tough job. just adding --without-mozilla requires huge effort.
--without-java is also such kind of thing. Hamburg team (SUN) admits patches
to remove java dependency and others, but it doesn't immdeately mean
we can use such flags. A lot of work required.
I know some --system flags do not work for FreeBSD.
please do submit JCA and patches. I can review your patches and I
can commit patches to OOo directly. (BTW: it still takes time)
-- NAKATA, Maho (maho at FreeBSD.org)

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