azureus -> eclipse -> cairo problems persist

Randy Bush randy at
Sun Nov 6 11:39:58 PST 2005

> This must be fixed now. I committed patch by Andreas Kohn which I 
> personally use for some time.

cvsupped and got

 Edit ports/java/eclipse/Makefile
  Add delta 1.45 2005. bland
 Checkout ports/java/eclipse/files/manualpatch-plugins-swt-cairo-library
 Edit ports/java/eclipse/files/manualpatch-plugins-swt-gtk-make_freebsd.mak
  Add delta 1.2 2005. bland

fetched all 42kg of jdk 1.5

started 'portupgrade -N net/azureus'

took a nap

the build finished correctly!  thanks mezz and alexander!

started azureus with four files available

ten minutes later, i have two blacks and two blues, no traffic

it's sunday, but usually star_wreck is busy


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