FreeBSD Port: php4-4.4.1_1

André Böhm andre at
Sun Nov 6 09:45:15 PST 2005

Patrick Proniewski schrieb:
> Hello,
> I've seen that you've updated the php4 port so that it should work with 
> apache2+mod_rewrite (<>). 
> Unfortunately I still experience the same problem, thats make me think 
> the bug is not fixed.
> I've updated my port tree, I've checked that 
> patch-sapi_apache2handler_sapi_apache2.c is in files/ directory, and 
> I've portupgrade'd php4.4.0 to 4.4.1_1, but the problem remains.

I have made the same experience, had to portdowngrade to 4.4.0 to make 
my websites working again.

After I had updated to 4.4.1_1 today, all php scripts that were called 
from a Apache RewriteRule had very strange errors: "cannot redeclare 
..." functions from files that had not yet been included in this 
particular execution. I also found "...already included in..." errors 
that showed files from different virtual hosts, so something must 
definitely be messed up when using RewriteRules.

André Böhm

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