ANNOUNCE: GNOME 2.12.1 has been merged into the ports tree

Edwin L. Culp eculp at
Sun Nov 6 03:27:24 PST 2005

Quoting Joe Marcus Clarke <marcus at>:

> Now that the freeze in preparation for FreeBSD 6.0 is over (an excellent
> release to be sure), it is my great pleasure (on behalf of the FreeBSD
> GNOME Team) to announce the general availability of GNOME 2.12 for
> FreeBSD.
> The official release notes for GNOME 2.12 can be found at
>  FreeBSD-specific
> documentation can be found at  The
> documentation has been updated, but it will be a little while before the
> website rebuilds.
> Upgrading from GNOME 2.10 to 2.12 is tricky.  You should NOT use
> portupgrade by itself to do this upgrade.  Instead, download the
> gnome_upgrade script from
>  This script is
> a wrapper for portupgrade that contains additional logic to steer clear
> of some potential pitfalls with the upgrade.

It is always nice to know what you should have done;)

A little late, I'm afraid, but when using the script is being used and 
the upgrade fails because of a power outage after the ports have been 
uninstalled and not rebuilt, what is the correct proceedure to follow?

I reiniciated the update by reexecuting -f and it 
seems as though I'm going to loose some ports that were deleted during 
the first execution.  When I realized that was a posiblity, I checked 
the -h option and saw -restart <list filename> that I should add as an 
argument and don't know where <list filename> might be or if I should 
have created it before iniciating the upgrade process.

What is the recommended procedure in this case?  It looks like this 
could easily be a 24 hour or longer process on a PIII so in 24 hours 
anything can happen.



> If you're used to
> gnome_upgrade from previous releases, a lot has changed in this release.
> You should run (or with the -h
> flag to get the new usage.
> In keeping with FreeBSD GNOME tradition, we held a splash screen contest
> to find a great FreeBSD-specific splash screen for our users.  This
> release's winner is Dominique Goncalves <dominique.goncalves at>
> whose winning splash screen was inspired by
>  All of our submitters'
> work has been integrated into x11/gnomesession, and you can use Franz
> Kalmmer's great splashsetter (deskutils/splashsetter) to choose the
> splash screen you like best.
> Another important bit of news related to GNOME 2.12 is that we are no
> longer supporting this release on FreeBSD 4.X.  You must be running
> FreeBSD 5.3 or higher to get GNOME 2.12 support.
> Finally, the FreeBSD GNOME team would like to extend a special thanks to
> all of our testers, especially those that submitted patches:
> Matthew Luckie <mjl at>
> ade
> sajd on #freebsd-gnome
> Caelian on #freebsd-gnome
> mnag
> Yasuda Keisuke <kysd at>
> Mark Hobden <markhobden at>
> Sergey Akifyev <asa at>
> Andreas Kohn
> As always, consult our excellent site at
> if you need help.  If you can't find the answer you're looking for
> there, come on over to #freebsd-gnome on FreeNode, or drop us an email
> at freebsd-gnome at  Enjoy GNOME 2.12 for FreeBSD.
> Marcus on behalf of the FreeBSD GNOME Team
> --
> Joe Marcus Clarke
> FreeBSD GNOME Team      ::      gnome at
> FreeNode / #freebsd-gnome

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